How we do it


We supply grass either by growing it, or by roll-on lawn, our three main ways of providing it are:

A. Seeding
To establish or condense lawn with seed.
Overseeding the process for the construction of new fields or Interseeding the process used to condense existing lawns.

B. Roll out of grass (roll-on lawn)
Taking existing lawn that was harvested and replanting / rolling it out at a new location.

C. Sprigging
Establishing a new lawn from kikuyu sprigs.


Not only can we provide you with grass, but we can also make sure that the grass is healthy and maintained well, giving it exactly what it needs in order for it to live and be nourished.

A. Verti-drain
Making holes into the soil to improve aeration, drainage decompaction.

B. Topdressing and Spreading
The spreading of washed sand or lawn dressing over the lawn with a top dresser machine.

C. Mowing
Using a Toro triplex mower, a ride-on reel lawn mower with 3 cutting units.

D. Irrigation
The application of controlled water quantities by the means of an irrigation system.

E. Fertilisers and Fungicides
Applying fertiliser with a spreader to enhance growth. Fungicides are sprayed with a spray rig to control pesticides.

F. Pitch Preparation
Preparing the pitch for games, by marking the field with a line marker.


Does your soil need to be prepared before the grass? We have the tools that will give your soil the foundations it needs to grow better and longer. New and existing fields.

A. Koro
Removing the vegetation and organic material with the ground up to 50mm deep.
Generally used to cut the grass to the ground surface to prepare for the new season.

B. Blecavate
Removes clods and stones up to 150mm deep to ensure a smooth seedbed.

C. Rotavate
Mix nutrients and compost into the top 150mm of a seedbed.

D. Laser Levelling
Levelling the surface with a tractor driven leveller.

E. Lightly Compact
Lightly compacting the worked surface with a skidsteer.